RE/MAX VIP Ticket Program

Home Show
National Home Show

March 7-16, 2025
Enercare Centre

Don’t miss out on this cost-effective way to connect with your Clients and prospects. Sending free tickets to the National Home Show is a great way to keep in touch with your Clients, and the best part is you are only billed for the tickets actually redeemed at the door. 

Your RE/MAX VIP exclusive rate is $9.50 +HST per ticket ($20 +HST regular price). You can order either hard tickets to deliver in person or mail, or electronic tickets to send out by email.


How It Works

  • Determine how many tickets you will need. Remember you only get billed for the tickets actually redeemed at the show.
  • Order your tickets. Joining the ticket program requires a non-refundable deposit of $38. We will send you any number of tickets you wish (minimum order of 20 tickets). Printed tickets will be couriered to you at no additional charge - make sure your order email is where you want them shipped. February 29, 2024 is the deadline to order tickets and have them shipped out.
  • Invite your Clients to enjoy the show, compliments of YOU! Let them know you have their tickets. Send them via email, drop them in the mail or better yet, deliver them in person!
  • Only tickets redeemed are billed back to you. Tickets redeemed during the show will be tracked. After the show your credit card will be charged for tickets redeemed at the door (less deposit paid). A receipt and the redeemed ticket numbers will be emailed to you.

Option 1 - Electronic Tickets

Using an online portal, you will upload client names and email addresses. You can do this in a batch upload of a file, or one at a time. After the show, your report can show you which Clients came to the show, giving you a nice reason to follow-up with them.

Option 2 - Hard Tickets

You will receive hard copy tickets that can be handed out at open houses, Client visits or by snail mail. The redeemed ticket numbers will be sent to you after the show, but we can’t tell you which Clients attended the event. If you want to track by Client name, you’ll need to track ticket numbers against your list.

Need help promoting the show?

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What Do RE/MAX VIP Ticket Benefits Include?

- Entry to the 2024 National Home Show
- Exclusive RE/MAX VIP entrance and Complimentary Coat Check
- Front row seating at the Speakers Lounge
- Front-of-the-Line access to the Feature Home
- Access to the RE/MAX VIP lounge
*Note: All benefits subject to availability.