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March 10-19, 2023
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DIY Centre

It looks so easy on TV! While not every project is DIY, there are a whole lot of things you can do yourself. Learn satisfying hands-on skills like how to hang perfectly straight pictures, how to create no-cut balcony planters,  and how to use power tools like a mitre-saw, nail gun, and drills! Whether you’re just getting comfortable DIYing in your own home or you already know your way around the toolbox, the DIY Centre has something for everyone. Find the right tool or technique for your next home project or simply try out the tools first hand.

About Our Experts

Jordan Spear
Jordan is all about arming homeowners with knowledge and the know-how to tackle DIY projects on their own. Come by and ask Jordan questions and for expert tips on how to take on your next DIY project. Follow @afarmhouselife for more DIY and shenanigans

Desta Ostapyk
Desta Ostapyk is a beloved Toronto-based designer, well known for both her keen eye and loveable personality. She is a graduate of the Toronto International Academy of Design and Technology with a specialization in Interior Design. @designbydesta

Mark Rason
Mark Rason is best known within the online woodworking community for his fun-loving and creative approach to all things DIY. He has a passion for helping people face their fears and find the joys of a “Do It Yourself” project. Mark shares his tips on his podcast, For The Gram, and you can find out more about his work @remarkableworks