BBC Earth Viewing Lounge powered by Paradigm

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March 7-16, 2025
Enercare Centre

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BBC Earth Viewing Lounge powered by Paradigm

Ready to give your feet a break? The BBC Earth Viewing Lounge, powered by Paradigm, is a new show feature for 2024.Kick back, relax, and get an exclusive sneak peek at Sir David Attenborough’s latest lush nature documentary, Planet Earth III, which premieres Sunday, March 10, 2024, on BBC Earth. Explore the most breathtaking habitats our planet has to offer and meet the extraordinary animals that make them home.

Let the sounds of the deepest oceans and the densest jungles wash over you in this unique viewing experience. Discover how Paradigm’s handcrafted, high-performance speakers, designed to the highest standards and backed by cutting-edge audio science, deliver incredible sound that makes you feel like you’re more than a viewer — you’re part of the action.

Zoom in on distinct and dazzling habitats, including grasslands, deserts, forests, lakes, rivers, and coastlines. Explore Earth’s last secret hideaways, get close to predator battlegrounds where survival is always on the line, and witness the astonishing ways animals adapt and thrive in the most challenging circumstances.

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