7 Ways To Balance Family Life With Your Career

Whether it’s a long weekend away, vacation time, or after working hours, it’s important to have a healthy balance with work and family time. The Toronto Home Shows Team shares 7 ways to balance family life with your career.


As a parent time is ever so precious and you don’t want to miss a vital family activity. Using something like google calendar and staying on top of updating it will help with knowing when you can commit and when you can’t. Family comes first so make sure they know it by clearing your calendar for those special occasions.


Turning off your phone or leaving it tucked away for a few hours provides less distractions and allows you to focus on the ones you love. An email, tweet, or phone call can wait!


It’s great to share information about your day with loved ones, but if the chatter turns to complaints, it’s time to switch topics.
If you only speak negatively about work no one will want to hear about how your day was. Keep office talk short and to the point.


Having a little breathing room between when work ends and family time begins is important. It allows you to let go of the day. It could be going for a walk, reading an article unrelated to work, calling a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while, or doing some meditation. It doesn’t have to be long but that time will help detach yourself from the stresses at work and carry on with the day.

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This hour is the perfect time to do extra work on a busy week, go to the gym, or grab lunch with a friend. Lunch hour can also be a good time to call a loved one, or even go to lunch with a family member if they are nearby.


Schedule changes occur all the time when balancing calendars, if you are calm and flexible these little changes won’t disrupt that killer positive attitude you have most of the time.


Sometimes you will have work you have to do outside of working hours. It’s important to give the family some of your home time before jumping right into more work.

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