5 Tips To Curb Back To School Chaos

Parents will tell you it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s officially back to school season. This time of year, has always felt like a New Year to me; a good time to set new goals, get into an organized routine and get back to a little peace and quiet (for the parents out there)!
Many families get extremely overwhelmed when it comes time for back to school and after school activities, yet there is no reason to panic. A little preparation and a few organizing hacks can go a long way in making this transition time easy and calm. Let’s get started!


Use a large family agenda to keep track of the everyone’s commitments, schedules for extracurricular activities, major school events and big days i.e, tests, project due dates and exams. This planner will help keep everyone on track and they will know what other family members are up to which will avoid scheduling conflicts. I am a BIG BELIEVER in pencil and paper—how old school! When you physically write things down you have a better chance of naturally remembering them. Keep your family planner in a space that is convenient for everyone to use and see. When you come in contact with this planner on a daily basis, you are also more likely to remember what you have on the go, as it serves as a constant daily reminder.


This may sound like common sense, but you should ensure your child is prepared with the proper supplies for the new school year! This means a proper backpack (preferably with double straps – save those shoulders!) I also recommend preparing 2 pencil cases – one that will live at home and the other that will live at school. This can be a life saver if your child forgets their entire pencil case at school – not to fear, homework can still be completed!
Binders for each subject matter should be prepped with divider tabs within the binders for various units to be learned. No one wants to find a music note page in their geometry unit! Help your child feel like they are ready for the new school season ahead.


As the school year gets into full swing your entryway will probably start looking a twister ripped through it – let’s avoid that! Create baskets for each family member that you can store in a mud-room, laundry room or hall closet. Take the items that enter and exit your house on a daily basis and store them in the baskets. This may include; school shoes, lunchboxes, ball caps, headphones, backpacks and after-school activity items too, like music books, soccer cleats or ballet shoes. Depending how invested your child is in their after-school activities, you may need separate baskets for those items.


Your child’s bags and binders will easily get filled up with worksheets, books, old tests, wrappers from an old lunch etc. Help them clear out the clutter by conducting a weekly clean-up! I recommend creating 3 trays or file folders for homework in the house. 1) Homework that needs to be completed “Homework Inbox”. 2) Homework that is completed but needs to be handed into the classroom “Homework Outbox”. 3) Homework that is completed, graded and no longer of use to your child “Completed Work 2019-2020”. If there are any loose papers in your child’s bag like handouts they will need, file these away in the appropriate binders. This method helps your child stay on top of their homework and will also help them feel organized and ready to learn every Monday for the new week ahead.


Before your child goes to bed, they should pack their backpack for the next day, their lunch bag should be prepped, school clothes, accessories and shoes should be laid out, and electronic devices should be plugged in to charge. This will save time and confusion in the morning and allow everyone to get ready for the day in peace, without any delay.

-Megan Arthurs H:OM Organizing

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