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After a long and cold winter cooped up in our homes, many of us are looking forward to warmer temperatures so we can open our windows to let the fresh springtime air in. Before you do, Window Hardware Company has some suggestions for you. With over two decades in providing quality replacement window parts, the company says you should inspect your windows now to see if they require replacement parts.

Casement window with a great cottage view.

The Truth About Window Hardware

High quality window hardware is not only about keeping burglars from entering your home – whether you have skylights awning or casement windows in your home. Quality replacement parts play a much greater role than that. The fact is that good windows can help you stay safe, automate your home, avoid leaks, and even save money! Over are the days when you have to manually open and close your windows. Many homeowners are opting for motorized window openers with remote control, which can be retrofitted from casement or awning windows Truth hand cranks. Having quality window locks will keep you and your family safe. Amesbury Truth window replacement parts offered at Window Hardware do not only add to your home’s safety, but also significantly reduce energy consumption, and, therefore, your home energy bills.

Why Replace or Repair Broken Window Parts?

Rotting window frames, broken sashes, or hinges from humid or wet weather, allow water and unwanted air to intrude into your home. Air leakage will reduce your home’s energy efficiency and decrease home comfort. Broken window sashes, hinges, window crank arms or handles due to wear and tear or weather damage can allow warm or cold air to seep into your home. This can lead to higher energy bills as your HVAC unit is working harder to keep you comfortable indoors. Repairing these parts or replacing them will bring back the air tight seal to your window and keep unwanted air out. Apart from replacing broken window parts, adding insulation, weatherstripping and caulking are all effective energy efficient solutions to air sealing your windows.

HomeGard® Sash Lock

Do I Need Window Replacement Parts?

Many homeowners run into issues with their windows and window parts due to the weather and wear and tear of parts. For example, you will know when your window crank arm needs replacing when your window doesn’t open or close properly or feels “stuck”. The crank arm may be stripped or the gear may be broken. Another example would be water leaks or fogging between panels, which can damage some window parts as well as the frame. This may result in the need for replacement.
At Window Hardware, We Have a Broad Selection of Genuine Amesbury Truth Window Parts
We have over 10,000 parts in inventory, so you can be sure to find the exact parts you need – whether these are window locks, latches, manual or electric operators, hinges, or window accessories.

Maxim® Dual Arm Operator and Front-Mounted Awning Operator

What Type Of Windows Do I Have?

Awning Windows

Awning windows open outwards and are hinged at the top. The entire window can be opened and closed with the window crank. They are great for areas that want natural light and ventilation. They also require space in front of them so they can open fully without any obstructions. Awning windows work great above the kitchen sink or in a bathroom.

Casement Windows

Casement windows use the window crank mechanism like awning windows. They are hinged at the side and open either to the left or right. They work well in rooms where ventilation and lots of natural light are desired. Casement windows are a great addition to the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Skylight Windows

The skylight window is the perfect way to compliment your home. Enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and ventilation. With your very own skylight window, every part of your home will stand out. The window is usually located on sloped ceiling in a home’s attic, living room, stairway, or bedroom.
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About Window Hardware Company:
Window Hardware Company is an authorized reseller and distributor of Amesbury Truth Hardware window replacement parts. At, the Window Hardware Company, we have more than two decades of experience in providing quality replacement parts for awning and casement windows, skylights, and patio doors to homeowners, as well as window contractors and manufacturers.
When you choose to shop at the Window Hardware online store, you can be sure that you are receiving the best replacement window hardware in Canada and the U.S, made only with materials of superior quality.

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