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When BILD last interviewed Invent Dev, virtual reality had just began emerging as a viable option to traditional marketing methods in real estate. Since then, there’s been a growing demand for virtual model homes and digital renderings, which have helped developers connect with buyers, sell out projects and reduce up-front building costs.

Traditionally, builders have relied on sales centres and model homes to sell new developments. For many, the cost of building these sales centres is in the millions. Invent Dev changes this with their digital model.

With smaller, niche centres, Invent Dev helps developers reduce presentation centre size, and cost. For some builders, it’s eliminated the need to build custom sales centres completely. This also creates a better experience for anyone looking to make a purchase, because of customization. Serious buyer’s can virtually see the space they want, and see what this space would look like with various finishes, or upgrades.

Chelten Homes, located in Waterdown, Ontario, chose to forgo building a model suite or presentation centre for their 99-unit condo building, The View. Choosing instead to begin selling months sooner, Chelten retrofitted a small room in an existing brokerage in the heart of Waterdown and opened their doors to the public.

Created by Invent Dev, The View’s digital model experience empowers buyers with an unparalleled experience to traditional model homes. Beyond viewing every unit floorplan, the digital models give users the ability to test finishes and upgrade options in real time, photo-realistic detail. It even gives buyers the ability to choose their unit based on its location on the site plan.

The resulting 59 of 99 available condo sales of Chelten’s The View on the first weekend solidified the choice to go digital in their sales approach.

“When it comes to getting information on a new home, today’s buyer turns to Google. They expect to have information readily available to help make a decision. That includes online, mobile, as well as at the sales office. With The View, we replicated more than just walking through a model home. We replicated the terrace view, and walking through the lobby, things buyers would experience every day. That’s not something you can do with physical model home” says Marcel LeClerc, President, Chelten Homes.

Big builders have also taken advantage of the technology, like Minto’s Glen Agar development in Etobicoke. The homes, which start at $1.4 million, are featured in a digital model experience created by Invent Dev. Showcasing the 11 ft ceilings, the digital experience gives buyers the ability to switch finish options, explore every room and view the extensive upgrade options available.

Invent Dev’s high-quality renderings and digital model homes allow buyers to explore, and experience, all the features, finishes and fixtures a development has to offer.

From the kitchen, to the landscape and the customization options, Invent Dev’s solutions have been recognized as “the” best product for developers by Builder Online. Their CEO, David Payne, was also listed as one of the top most influential individuals in Canadian real estate in 2017.

Invent Dev’s digital models are accessible online, on mobile devices, at sales presentation centres and partner brokerages on Ultra-HD touchscreens and in VR. Their solutions have effectively eliminated the need to build presentation centres in North America.

Invent Dev’s next VR Launch is coming soon in the GTA at Minto Glen Agar sales centre. Register for the event here.

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