Turn Your Starter Home Into A Luxury Home

Every buyer is looking for their own little slice of high-end heaven, and these improvements can help your home be just that. Each one of these tips will add a touch of luxury on a starter home budget. If you want to add value to your starter home but don’t have the big bucks for major renovations, read on.

Light It Up

If your starter home still has the same basic lighting fixtures you had when you first moved in, it’s time to remove them. Replace any overhead lights with modern, show-stopping pendant fixtures to instantly update the space and bring it into the current age.
Every nook and cranny should have a pair of matching wall sconces or side lamps, so that no area is left in the darkness. Also, consider installing dimmer switches. Being able to create mood lighting is huge when staging and showing off the space.

Curtain Call

When you move into a stater home, there usually isn’t enough in the budget for window treatments in every room. If you want to turn a room from basic to beautiful, consider ordering custom blinds.
Source a local sewing shop or window dressing company to get a quote for all of your windows and glass doors. Thick linens, damask or textured silks are held up as the most luxurious fabrics and will instantly make your home feel like a high-end hotel.

Get Wired

Time has become a luxury in our busy lives so having automated features is worth a lot. Installing a wireless home control system that’s tapped into the thermostat, lighting and entertainment devices throughout your home has major appeal.
Bring down the temperature with a sweep across your electronic device or play a carefully curated playlist with a tap.
Showing a house that’s set up to tech savvy buyers, presents a property that truly understands what true luxury means.

Counter Offer

A starter home is usually affordable because it needs a lot of work. Choosing which project to work on first is key. If a full kitchen reno is out of the question, start with the attraction most people hone in on–the countertops.
While 1970s vinyl stood the test of time, it certainly doesn’t do anything to increase the value of your property. Consider replacing it with a slab of Carrara marble or even a beautiful marbled quartz.
Strategically scattering these types of high-end materials throughout the home gives the space a luxurious effect without overdoing it, or overspending.

Wellness Room

Today’s buyers are looking for properties that have a little extra something that sets them apart and supports their active lifestyle.
While you may not have the budget for an indoor swimming pool, sauna room or expansive games room, there is another option. Find a quiet, underused corner in your starter home and set it up with yoga mats, floor cushions and meditation candles.
Taking care of our body and mind is a luxury not everyone can afford but having a wellness area in your home is a good start.

With some small, smart improvements you can add real value to your home and potentially move up the real-estate scale yourself. Then you can dream about which luxury features you’d want in your next property purchase.

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