Simple DIY Tile Planter

Designer and DIY expert Desta Ostapyk has a knack for creating quirky accessories for the home. This is another one–her DIY Tile Planter.

Have leftover tile and don’t know what to do with it? Try out this quick and easy project.


  • 3”x3” tiles (5 of them)
  • Superglue
  • Waterproof
  • Newspaper or surface protector of some kind
  • Painters tape
  • Kitchen and bath silicone – Clear
  • Plant

Step 1

Protect your working surface by covering it. Then using super glue, run glue along one side of one of your tiles and attach your second tile to it. The glue doesn’t bond right away so to help keep them together use one piece of the painters tape over the two pieces to keep them together while until it dries.

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 using the other tiles. Continue to go around until you have 4 tiles glued and taped together creating a box.

Step 3

Glue your last tile to the bottom. It will be slightly smaller leaving a small gap on the sides.

Step 4

Fill in the gaps with the kitchen and bath caulking.

Step 5

Keep tape on, turn upside-down and leave to dry on protected surface for 24 hours.

Step 6

Place one of your favourite plants in your planter and enjoy. (Remember you have a drainage hole in your planter so when you go to water make sure to place a dish under it or take to the sink)

You can visit Desta at the Fall Home Show, Oct 4- 6 at the Enercare Centre. Ask her about your latest DIY project or about small space solutions.

About Desta Ostapyk:

As a Toronto based Designer I have been fortunate to focus my design career in the film and television industry. Most known for my role as Lead Designer off camera/ “Assistant Designer” on camera for the television series “Love It or List It” Toronto. I was privileged to have worked on over 100 episodes. I was successful in bringing diverse knowledge of design, set decorating styles and techniques to the show to make each episode unique yet cohesive.

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