Patio Furniture 411 – Caring For Your Cushions

As the warmer temperatures move in, we tend to move out–outside to enjoy the sunshine and great company out on the patio. With spills and inclement weather, your patio furniture can take a beating.
Gone are the days of bringing in your patio furniture cushions every night. With the fabrics used on most patio pieces these days, you don’t have to worry as much about damage to the cushions as many pieces can survive the bulk of what Mother Nature can conjure up. Keep in mind most materials used nowadays are water resistant, not waterproof, which means during a downpour some water can still seep into the cushions. This can lead to those unsightly water stains which Paulena Jakarsezian, Operations Manager at Pop Up Patio, says is the number one complaint she hears about.

To prevent stains from occurring, Paulena says to make sure you get rid of any water that has seeped inside the cushions. If you don’t, those pesky water stains will appear. According to Paulena, it’s actually quite easy to get those stains out along with other common stains–just make sure you check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Paulena’s Patio Furniture Care Tips

Paulena adds, it doesn’t mater if you spend $500 or $5,000 on your patio furniture, there is always some maintenance associated with any product you leave outside. To make your investment last longer all it takes is a little TLC-tender loving care.

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