Make Your Wall Sparkle With Glitter Decor

We all need a little sparkle in our lives! This SUPER EASY DIY will have you feeling like a real artist as well as give you the perfect excuse to raid your craft box (our your 9 year old’s…)! Fiona Debell and Home Shows teamed up to make this. Now let’s make your wall sparkle with awesome glitter decor!

To begin I gathered all my supplies. Most things I had on hand – but if not you can get everything I used on Amazon or at your local craft store.

  • Wooden canvas, any size (you can also use old pictures you already have but no longer love – simply paint over the original with white paint)
  • At least 3 different colours of glitter. We used two blue and one white
  • White acrylic paint
  • Artists modeling paste (If you don’t have this you can use joint compound or any paint texturiser, or a thick paint)
  • Ruler or cardboard
  • Paint brush

1. First, take white acrylic paint and give the wooden canvas a quick coat. We used acrylic craft paint, but you could use any water based paint you have on hand.

2. Next, take some Artists Modeling Paste – don’t worry if you dont have any, you can use joint compound or any paint texturiser. You could even just use really thick paint! We mixed our paste with a little paint, but this isnt really necessary!

3. Using a palate knife, spread a thick layer of the paste over the wooden canvas. It is a bit like frosting a cake!

4. Grab a large paint stick ruler or cardboard—or anything long enough to reach across your canvas. Create a ‘stripey’ type texture that is not too perfect! We dragged and pressed, dragged and pressed the ruler to create this texture. You could use a cup to create circles or cardboard to create swirls. It is really up to you. Then you need to be patient. You must leave your textured picture to dry overnight!

5. Once dry you get to have some fun! Fiona raided her 9 year old’s ‘slime’ making stash and grabbed her clear elmers glue. Any clear drying glue would work. We then painted the glue all over the texture – being careful to get it into the crevices. Once it was covered I reached for my glitter!

6. Chose your glitter! It was a tough choice, but we landed on white glitter, a pewter and a black contrasting colour. You could go with any colour you like, but we really wanted to get the ombre showing up against white walls! Sprinkle the glitter onto the wet glue. Start with your lightest colour and gradually introduce the contrasting shades working to the darkest shade at the top (or bottom) of your picture.
TIP: Work over a tray and gather up any loose glitter in a baggie for later use!

How can you not be in love with this! Now your walls will sparkle and look like an art gallery at the same time. We’d love to see your creations too!

Many thanks to Fiona for the great idea and collaboration! For more great ideas like this one, check out her blog!

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