How to Build Your Own Year Round Hockey Rink

With four seasons it’s difficult to imagine that skating on ice can happen anytime of year. Get ready to practice those slap shots because you can now have a rink all year round inside your home, and no Zamboni is required. “Save money not having to rent ice-time, lasts up to 10 years and then you can flip it over, have the ice all to yourself, OR invite family and friends over for a leisurely skate,” says Hockey Shot Marketing Manager Brody Constantine.

All you need is synthetic ice from Hockey Shot Canada, and a solid flat surface. Areas for installation that work best are your basement, garage, or backyard.

How to install in 5 easy steps!

1. Take the Synthetic Ice panels off the pallet.
2. Spread the panels on the floor where you will be installing the surface.
3. Make sure the connections are lined up correctly.
4. Use a rubber mallet to join the panels together.
5. Put your skates on and start skating!

In case you need a visual, here’s a video showing you the step-by-step process to installing synthetic ice.

We’re excited to say that Hockey Shot Canada is working with us at the National Home Show March 9th – 18th, 2018. If you want to learn more about their product visit booth #3716.

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