DIY: Holiday Decor on A Budget

Every so often a little idea comes to mind. In this case, it was how to create some beautiful holiday decor on a budget.

There are all sorts of beautiful decor accessories for the holidays out there. Things to decorate your table, your tree, your hallway, your mantle. Almost too much. But what could be nicer, and mean more is something handmade, but looks high end.

The folks from Fusion Mineral Paint put together this super simple demo for us.


To recreate this look, (and you don’t have to stick to plastic fruit – you could use bowls, or leaves or ornaments- anything really!), you will need:

Follow the following steps:

1. Take your object, and if it is really shiny, like our fruit was, give it a very light sand. Wipe Clean.
2. Apply your paint. We wanted to go for a very handmade look, so added pressure to create brush strokes in the finish, but you can easily achieve a very smooth finish using Fusion. We didn’t paint all the way to the bottom of the fruit, but you can if you wish.

paintedholidayfruit_img3 paintedholidayfruit_img5

3. Allow to dry.
4. Prepare a piece of wax paper, (you will want to set your dipped fruit down on this).
5. Pour your metallic paint into a container wide enough to accommodate the fruit (or whatever item you have chosen).
6. Take your fruit and literally ‘dip’. Remove and set to dry.


7. Admire your work! If you can believe it, it really is that easy!

You will see from the pictures that we used a full size pot of Fusion Mineral Paint- but we could easily have gotten away with a tester at just $4.99! My wish for high end decor on a budget was granted!

You can buy Fusion Mineral Paint all across Canada and it’s ‘Made in Canada’ credentials speak for themselves.

Let us know your Holiday Decor Ideas using simple paint and items you already have!

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