Frankie Flowers: Top 5 Plants to Throw Shade At

The are tall ones, tiny ones and big bright ones. Walk through a greenhouse and you will see just how many varieties of plants there are to choose from. It can be overwhelming to select only a few. To make it easier to pick that perfect plant, think about where it will go in your garden. Does the space get full or partial sun? Is it mostly shaded? If it’s a shaded area, then choose the plants accordingly. Stumped on what to pick? There’s no need to worry because we visited Frank Ferragine a.k.a. Frankie Flowers at Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery to get the inside scoop on some of the plants he recommends for shaded areas that will make you look like you have the greenest thumb on the block.

Frankie Flowers: Top 5 Plants For the Shade

Key Points:

*Shade does not mean complete darkness
*Periwinkle comes back every year and is very durable
*There are so many varieties of hostas to choose from. The blue leaf hosta is the most resistant to slugs
*Ferns are perfect if you want to add some height to your garden or under a tree

We would like to know what plants you have selected for your garden.

Don’t miss our next next blog post, where Frank will share his top 5 perennials for sunny spots.

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