DIY Halloween Goodie Bags

Homemade anything these days is the way to impress. We think making something to please all the ghosts, and ghouls closest to you is the best way to go. Put on your crafty hat, grab some essential decorating tools, and start making your original goodie bags for the Halloween season.

Start by Designing Your Bag

  • Paper bags work best. It allows you to draw, and glue the easiest. Choose any size. We went with medium sized bags so we could fit some of our Old Fashioned Treats inside. Feel free to choose a size that works for you. Most craft stores will have several to choose from.
  • Using a different colour of paper cut out some spooky shapes. Try pumpkins, bats, or ghosts! You can choose whichever you like.
  • Find an appropriate string to tie the bags up. We used a twine for a rustic look.


Fill up Your Goodie Bag

  • Choose any candies you prefer! Classic candy corn, taffy, or chocolate bags are sure to please.
  • Try making these Old Fashioned Halloween Treats to include in your bags.
  • Find some flower bulbs that can be planted now! It’s a great gift for any ghoulish gardener.


With several little goodie bags, be sure to hand them out to colleagues, friends, and family on Halloween. They wouldn’t dare pull a trick on you after that!


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