Designers Fave Small Spaces

Making a space your own can be difficult especially when dealing with a smaller than average room. When working with a small space functionality is vital. Every piece placed in the space should have the intention of being useful or multi-purposeful. The best people to ask for advice when designing a small space are the designers themselves, which is exactly what we did.


Yanic Simard
My award winning boutique design firm Toronto Interior Design Group & I were thrilled with the design of this dreamy, spa-like, small space bathroom. We created a high-end look by splurging on custom-made floating shelves that fit like a glove, and juxtaposed that by saving with big box store items (vanity & medicine cabinet). We added glitz and glamor with the reflective and metallic elements, which create a steady esthetically pleasing design flow throughout the room. We kept all the components bright and airy with a neutral base of light grey painted walls and white 12×24 porcelain tile, alongside the incorporation of crystal clear glass, lustrous mosaic tile, and chrome sparkly fixtures that truly make this space a timeless show stopper.

Designed by: Yanic Simard – Toronto Interior Design Group
Photography: Gillian Jackson 

Jane Lockhart
I Love this small eat-in nook in this kitchen as although it may be small but it’s well detailed. The bench is built-in with storage underneath, a tv in hidden in a wall-mounted frame and the beautiful window treatment creates a wonderful focal point that can be seen from the adjacent room.

Photography: Brandon Barré
Designed by: Jane Lockhart, B.A.A.I.D., Principal Designer of Jane Lockhart Interior Design




Loving Small-Space Living

I’ve recently moved into my tiny Bijou Cottage, a 450 square foot mobile home located on the property where our home is currently being renovated. It’s where my husband and I will live over the summer while managing the renovation. Surprisingly, we have both come to realize how easy it is to adapt to small-space living!

What this space-challenged abode lacks in square footage, it totally makes up for in charm! After totally redecorating the interior with paint and personal furnishings and accessories, our tiny home featuring a living/dining area with television and electric fireplace, a bedroom with a television and queen mattress (my favourite room to relax), a full bathroom with shower and a kitchen with a full-size fridge, wall oven and double sink, is all we need to be comfortable and happy while we await the completion of our new home.

To expand our living space we created a fully furnished patio just outside the kitchen that includes a barbeque and pizza oven for all our summertime dining and entertaining. Less really is more!

Designed by: Jackie Glass Inc.
Photography by: Jackie Glass Inc.

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