Creating Spaces we Love: An interview with Design Duo Glen & Jamie

Creating Spaces we love!  The National Home Show is on now and only a few days left to come and get inspired.  For 2015 The National Home Show showcases not one but two Dream Homes with interiors by Glen & Jamie, Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander of Peloso Alexander Interiors.

Glen Peloso & Jamie Alexander: Two well-respected names in design, Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander, came together to co-found Peloso Alexander Interiors.  With having extensive experience in commercial, hospitably and residential design and a combined 35 years of experience, they create environments that merge their clients lifestyle, personality and architecture.  Being at the forefront of design their work has appeared in both print and TV throughout North America.

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We thought we would sit down with the design duo for a little ‘inside scoop’

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

Glen: My kitchen as it seems to be the heart of my home and where I mainly entertain family and friends

Jamie: Well … that’s hard to say, a few years back, well more than a few years ago, when I moved into the loft, I decided to take out every wall.  We went from a 2 bedroom, closed dining & living to complete open concept living. The only room with a door … the Loo SO my favourite room … the whole thing!

Sneak Peak: Dream Home, Onyx. Photo: Light Monkey photography














What is one item in your home you couldn’t live without? 

Glen: My Saeco Coffee maker – a little jolt of heaven every day!

Jamie: The piece of Art above my fireplace.  Every home I have created I have always managed to make that piece of art from Gisele Boulienne be the focal point.  The art and its color makes me feel happy every time I look at it.

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Sneak Peak: Dream Home, Natur-T. Photo: Light Monkey photography














What is your No. 1 design / decor tip

Glen: Flat ceilings (no popcorn)  and great lighting can make the room and your life feel a zillion times better

Jamie: Lighting is Key to any décor or design plan.  All to often we visit with a client with exquisite taste & design style, but the room is so poorly lit that you can appreciate its beauty. Tip: Layer your lighting, if ANY room in your home has less than 3 sources of light, something is missing.  If any room has less than 2 sources of light, its not lit properly.

 What is your design/decor pet peeve?  

Glen – Pictures  that are hung too high! AAAAAHHHH!!!

Jamie: MATCHING everything. Life is about a collection memories, Design is about its curation, when you matchy match everything, you’re losing the character that you bring to the space. Not to say you can collection everything and anything … hire a designer, create a curation of your Life, Style & Design

 Most memorable career moment to date?

Glen: After this long in the business, just happy to remember things!!

Jamie The day I retired, I realized my career was just beginning.

Any embarrassing on-the-job moments you’d like to share?  

Glen: during the final touches of a show, my pants split from stem to stern! Had to complete the show without anyone knowing! Thank you Calvin Klien!

Jamie I don’t think I can share … too embarrassing…

What are your personal mantras?


1.      If you have but one prayer let it be “thank you”

2.     Choose happy – what’s wrong is as available as what is right! You get to choose which to focus on!

Jamie: Keep On Keeping On! & Build Up one Another!


What famous figures inspire your designs/career?

Glen:  Phillipe Stark, Freddie Mercury

Jamie I think each and everyone of my colleagues in this career inspire me to push forward.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Glen: Our clients aspirations and lifestyle, Nature, travel and other design professionals

Jamie: Personal inspiration and design ideas primarily come from traveling. Architecture new and old alike from those trips, really get my creative juices flowing.  Plus the design, furniture and purchasing trade shows keep us on the forefront of new offerings coming to market.

What are three things nobody knows about you, but you wish they did?


1.     Love big band music (old soul I think)

2.     I’m an introvert

3.     Love camping and can McGiver any issue when need be!


4.     My first summer job when I was 13 was an electricians assistant, I can still wire most anything or at least understand how it’s done to this day!

5.     My Favourite food is Chocolate Cake

6.     I wear a baseball hat when I attend music festivals … yes there are pictures to prove it.

What is your favourite app on your smartphone?

Glen: Instagram, the weather app, Flipbook

Jamie My “Wheel of Fortune” game that I restrict myself to play only when travelling. Then after that … Instragram … sooo many beautiful things!


What’s your next big thing?

Glen: Our new office location at 225 King Street East and International expansion and offices!

Jamie: Although we work on many US & projects abroad every year, we are opening our first official US based office! Look Out NYC, we love working on projects & with clients there so much, were setting up Shop!


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twitter @glenandjamie @glenpeloso  | @JamieLAlexander



Glen & Jamie will be live at the National Home Show.  They will be appearing on the Main Celebrity Stage at the National Home Show on Friday, March 20th at 2pm, Saturday, March 21st at 1pm and 12 Noon on Sunday, March 22nd.

The National Home Show takes over the Direct Energy Centre from until March 22nd at Exhibition Place. Don’t have your tickets yet? Save and buy online at

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