Creating Curb Appeal with Carson Arthur

People start to assess your house based on the very first glance they get of your home. Even if you are not selling today, tomorrow or in 5 years, making the best first impressions will ensure that you get top dollar when the time is right!


Even if we are currently in sellers market, maximize your dollars by improving the front of your home is always important! Why sell your home for less?
Real Estate experts agree that the first impression of your home can either improve or reduce the perceived value of your property by up to 8%. Even if you are confident in selling your house because of demand, why not invest a little extra in the front yard to increase your returns?

This is such a simple idea. Just by adding seating to the front yard, people visiting a home will describe it as being more welcoming and friendly. Even if no one ever sits in the bench, the concept that you created a seat just for anyone to use is well worth the money spent.


With more urban centres using garbage can, recycling and now compost waste pick-up bins, too often homeowners have to leave them at the front of the house because they have no where else to go. Consider adding panels or even creating a space under the front porch to discretely store your bins when they are not on the curb.


Having a big front walkway can provide huge returns. Buyers include accessibility into the home as part of their criteria when selecting a house. Having a clear access point into a home is so important because it draws the eye straight to the front door, which is always the very first thing a guest looks for when visiting a house for the very first time.

If your walkway is included as part of your driveway, consider using the same material to blend them together. Not only does it make the walkway seem bigger, this also provides the illusion that there is more space available…always a priority in packed urban centres.


Don’t ignore the garage! According to recent studies, up to 74% of buyers are looking for homes with useable garage space. Smart storage, clean spaces and organized clutter not only make you garage feel bigger, it also demonstrates to a buyer that the home is well cared for. Just make sure to invest in one system, like Gladiator GarageWorks to ensure that all of your storage solutions seamlessly work together


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