Copper Leaf Dishware DIY

Ever looked into a boutique kitchenware store with the most loveliest of dishes, mugs, flatware and wish you could afford to take some of the luxury goods home? With this copper leaf dishware DIY brought to you by the phenomenal Fiona DeBell a trip to a dollar store and craft store will have you covered. Best part is, it will cost very little.

  • dishware (new or used)
  • 3 paint brushes (2 smaller and for two types of glue, the other one should be larger to assist with laying the copper leaf)
  • painter’s tape
  • metal leaf glue (find this at most craft stores)
  • copper leaf (if you like you can also purchase this in silver & gold)
  • dishwasher safe modge podge (you can also use a sealer of your choice) – If you don’t want to do this, that’s fine but expect after a few washes the design to blacken a little and some of the metal leaf might disappear. If you don’t seal it, you won’t want to put these through the dishwasher.

1. Get a glass full of water to use for when finished with brushes.
2. Using painter’s tape create designs on the dishware of where you want the gold to be. TIP: Fiona is a genious with this one, gently dip your finger in water and tap the edge of the painter’s tape of where you want a clean line.

3. Using one of the small brushes paint the metal leaf glue onto the spots you want the metal leaf to be placed. You only need a small amount of glue. Let this sit for 20-30 minutes. It will depend on the glue you use. The glue should have instructions for how long to let it sit. You’ll know it is ready when it goes from a cloudy white to clear.

4. At this point the dried area will be very adhesive, if you touch it with your finger you will feel the stickiness. It’s ready for the metal leaf.
5. Gently place the metal leaf onto the area that is sticky. Using gloves is ideal since metal leaf is super, super, super sensitive to touch. But it still works with your fingers. Add texture and get the leaf to stick best by using a large brush and brushing the leaf over the glue. If there are any spots that are missing metal leaf grab some of the unused metal leaf from the table you are working on and place onto the empty spots.

6. Continue until all the areas that have glue are coated with metal leaf. Remove the painter’s tape.

7. Using the other small brush gently coat the metal leaf area with the sealer or dishwasher safe modge podge.

The best thing about this DIY is that you can take it and apply it to almost anything! Got an outdated piece of furniture? Freshen it up with some metal leaf!

To learn more about Fiona, check out her blog! She’s always whipping up awesome DIY’s tips & tricks!

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