Cheese + Cider = The Perfect Pair

Cider is on the rise. So we’re pairing up with Drink Inc. to provide a recipe and pairing post for those who love cider and cheese. Wine and cheese are ok… but it seems to us (Drink Inc.) that wine stole cheese from cider! Apple and cheese are the originals and that’s why we know swapping wine for cider will make the perfect pair. Here is a fun spin on the classic grilled cheese which was honestly hard to improve on. If you pair it with your favourite cider…well that’s just the perfect combo.

Grilled Cheese
Although we are traditionalists we do not recommend ketchup with this sandwich. It’s already rich and buttery with the parmesan cheese crust it’s not necessary. Pair with your favourite Ontario Cider and be done with it. These are just two of the 40+ different kinds of ciders at The Ontario Cider Awards you’ll have the opportunity to try. Ontario has been brewing up some tasty ciders and now it’s time for everyone to get sampling and cast a vote. We hope to see you there!

Thanks again to the Drink Inc. team for the great recipe and pairing suggestions! All photos in this post were provided by Drink Inc.

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