Europe’s Ingenious Tilt & Turn Windows Are Ideal for Canadian Homes

Europeans have long favoured Tilt & Turn windows. However, ask any random Canadian what Tilt & Turn means, and you’re likely to be met with shrugged shoulders.

So what is a Tilt & Turn window?

Unique functionality for added comfort and convenience

Tilt & Turn windows function in two ways. With a turn of the handle, the window tilts inwards at the top, letting in fresh air while keeping your home secure. With a further turn of the handle, the window swings fully inwards, allowing for maximum ventilation and easy access for cleaning. What’s more, Tilt & Turn windows provide beautiful unobstructed views of the outdoors in any position.

A multi-point locking system for increased home security

Whereas standard windows only lock in one or two places, Tilt & Turn windows contain a sophisticated multi-point locking system that secure the windows at several points around their frames – making them virtually impossible to pry open.

Unmatched energy efficiency that saves you money

Tilt & Turn windows have multiple air chambers in their frames, special Low-E coatings, Argon gas fills, and glass panes that are 30% thicker than standard windows. These features greatly reduce energy consumption, contributing to significant savings over time.

Fully adjustable hardware that adapts to your shifting home

Due to drastic temperature fluctuations, Canadian houses tend to shift over time, causing windows to become misaligned. The multi-point locking system in Tilt & Turn windows can compensate for movement and is manually adjustable, allowing for easy realignment of the windows. Steel reinforcement in the frame further prevents the windows from losing shape.

To learn more about European Tilt & Turn windows, visit Catana Windows and Doors at the National Home Show in Toronto, booth #3338.

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