Book Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Books may be seen as a boring gift option but the reality is books are everywhere. Whether you’re a book lover or not we went shopping and found some fabulous gifts for everyone at Indigo! In no particular order here are our favourite finds!

Whoever said colouring was only meant for children had it all wrong! Secret Garden allows you to colour beautifully designed images on thick cardstock that is perforated which is perfect for placing in a frame and hanging. Now the artwork on the wall is coloured by you!

Well known Canadian radio host Stuart McLean has released another book based on his Vinyl Cafe radio series, Vinyl Cafe Turns the Page. For anyone that loves storytelling this is the go to book for thought provoking narratives.

We love books that have great photos of food. Toronto Cooks has incredible photography and a story to go with each recipe from the chef that created it! Learning the back story to the recipe makes the end result that much more delicious. This book highlights chefs around Toronto and recipes for their favourite eats, perfect for any foodie!

Coffee tables were made for beautiful books full of inspiration. This Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has some wonderful books with gorgeous photos that are sure to spark interesting conversation at the next social gathering. His latest is titled China

Kinfolk is a highly acclaimed magazine that just released a beautiful book titled Home. It’s filled with great photography and stories about people’s houses. It’s definitely something worth reading by the fire after a giant turkey dinner.

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