5 Ways To Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper isn’t always tacky and dated, it can be trendy and on point especially if working with print specialist Frank Baker from Bespoke My Place . Frank took a little time to inform us on the latest trends in wallpaper, and on unique ways to incorporate it into your home!

Believe it or not you can get your favourite wallpaper prints printed on a mesh material that can be used outside and inside too. It is a preferred way to create a relaxed space in an outdoor area where there might not be a lot of space available. Take a look at these prints of a forest, it is on mesh believe it or not!


Stick It
This type of wall paper is easy to use and can be re-used many times! It can be a small or large scale print and all you have to do is peel and stick it anywhere! If you plan on moving it easily peels off any surface.



Your Art
Another trendy way to use wall paper in your home is getting it printed on canvas! You can have everything from Group Of Seven, Vincent van Gogh, to your own art printed on canvas. If you are looking to have a solid colour in a space but would like the focus to be on a specific print or art piece printing on canvas is the way to go!


Steam Punk Title
Let’s talk about a print that is really popular right now, “steam punk”. Industrial, and neutral colours this wall paper is not the typical style you would have found 15+ years ago. Try something different, get that industrial feel with this print.
5 Ways To Use Wallpaper

Custom Made
Have an image in your mind of exactly what you want your room to look like? Now you can create it! Frank specializes in creating exactly what a client wants in order to make your space feel more unique. He has created one of a kind designs to help fulfill interior dreams that designers may have.


Do any of these prints seem familiar? They were all spotted at the National Home Show!

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