5 Flooring Trends Right Now

Flooring is a fundamental piece to a home renovation. Trends in flooring are changing all the time, it’s always hard to keep up! Here we have 5 trends that we think you’ll love.

Thanks to Dov Brandes at Invision Hardwood & Decor Inc. for helping us with ongoing trends and photo sourcing!

Contrasting Colours
Choosing a floor that has contrast adds more character to the room. Instead of only having one shade, there are many, and they all are working together to provide a beautiful ambiance in the space.

Photo Credit: Mercier Flooring
Featured Flooring Product: Mercier, Collection: Elegancia, Hard Maple Element .

To create a change you don’t have to choose a different colour, you can pick from many textures. Two textures that Dov states are trending are wire brushing and some form of antiquing or scraping. The image above features a White Oak that has a wire brushing.

Photo Credits: Superior Flooring
Featured Flooring Product: Enhanced Hardwood, Species: White Oak, Colour: Impulse, Finish: Wire Brush, Low Sheen.

Gorgeous Grey
It’s hard to cover trends and not stick in one grey piece. It is the perfect neutral colour that is not too harsh and allows you to add pops of colour with flashy furniture, decor, or seasonal flowers.

Photo Credits: Mercier Flooring
Featured Flooring Product:, Mercier,Collection: Nature, Pub Series: Irish Cream.

Light and Bright

Keeping a room light and airy can be complimented with a light coloured floor like the one pictured above. It may be a more classic look but it’s a floor that will outlive the trends.

Photo Credits: Lauzon Flooring
Featured Flooring Product: Lauzon, Persia, Collection: Ambiance, Series: Emira, Species: Hickory

Pretty Pastels

Pastels are similar to a light floor but have a hint of colour. Seeing as the pantone colours for 2015 being pastels, it’s expected to see trendy flooring reflect that.

Photo Credits: Lauzon Flooring
Featured Flooring Product: Lauzon, Camarillo, Collection: Designer, Series: Hamptons, Species: Beech

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