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Top Tool Tips For Winter

The days getting shorter and the temperatures are starting to drop. All are signs that it’s time to cosy up and hunker down for the winter months that lie ahead of us.
Before we get ready for the cold, we have a few things we need to prep before winter hits. We need to provide our tools, including power tools, with a little TLC.
We asked our friend and resident DIY expert, Jordan Spear, for some tips to ensure our tools are ready and running when we need them.
Here are his top tool tips for the winter:
Power tool - drill.

1) Bring in Batteries

Power tools are ok, unless they are cordless. Batteries need to be moved to a controlled climate. They don’t like the cold.

Lawn Mower

2) Fuel Check

Gas powered lawn equipment should be drained of fuel, or have an additive mixed to the fuel like a gas line antifreeze.

Garden Shovel

3) Get Rid of Rust

Yard hand tools should be cleaned of dirt and rust and slightly oiled to prevent damp winter weather from rusting then

So, take a quick inventory of your tools. Spend some time and put the work in now to get your power tools and lawn tools set to survive the winter so they will be there, ready when you need them.

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