Top 5 Ways To Engage With Consumers

Engaging with an audience in an exciting new way can be daunting especially with new technology being introduced daily. Creating a valuable activation that interacts and excites consumers isn’t as hard as it may sound. Here are our top 5 when it comes to engaging with the audience.

Over 109,000 attendees are looking for new products at our shows. If it’s new, talk about it! When people are walking past you share your excitement with them. It will show, and lead to a conversation.

Sometimes there are too many people, this is when simple messaged signage will really help. People that are just passing by will read if interested and approach to chat if highly interested. Just make sure to follow our signage guidelines. They vary for each show, so stay up to date with the latest exhibitor kit.

Guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar isn’t as enticing as it used to be. It’s easy for an attendee to see that and conclude that your product might be as dated as the jellybeans. Consumers want to have an experience they have never had before. Get creative when planning what you will do at the show, if you need a little help we’re always here to help! Email our sales consultants at

You might only get a 5 – 10 second window to impress a potential client and you’ll want to use it wisely. In the weeks leading up to the show come up with 5 main talking points that are easy to repeat over and over. Practice these points so when you are using them at the show it is seamless. Keep in mind these are high-level talking points to start the conversation. The hope is that someone will talk to you about more than just the practiced points.

You’re the expert, since you’re selling your very own products. Remind yourself of that! It’s a tough gig working on the show floor and easy to get discouraged. There might be a few people that aren’t interested in your product but don’t let that affect you. Just think about the positives, and the clients you have made from the show.

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