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Home Show
The Big One

March 12-21, 2021
Enercare Centre

Whether you want your home to match your personality, match your passion or match nothing at all, the Home Show, The Big One has the inspiration and vendors you need to help you make your space, your way, no matter it’s size!

The Right Vendors

Live in a condo? We've got vendors and experts for that! Whether you're looking to renovate your condo kitchen or overhaul your balcony, we have specialized vendors like Condo Handyman and CONDO KANDY to help get it done.

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Tiny Home Village

Think living in 800 sq. ft. is hard? Try living in 300 sq. ft. or less! Tour the Tiny Home Village to see unique products and ways to make the most of small spaces, indoors and outdoors.

Living Big In Small Spaces

Rooms of the 6ix

See what places like the Distillery District would look like if it were a room. AND not just any room. A room that lives and breaths it’s neighborhood. A room so “6ix” it hurts. Showcasing what’s possible in small spaces and condo’s, this is an inspirational moment you don’t want to miss!

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