Pumpkins In A Bin

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

As the seasons change, your home decor should too. To get into the fall spirit think about adding a few pumpkins to freshen up your home.
How do you go about picking the perfect pumpkin? We sent our friend, designer Nicholas Rosaci, to Downey’s Farm Market to find out.
Check out the video below to learn how to pick the perfect one and how best to take care of your gourd.

PICK-ture Perfect

Decorating with pumpkins is easy. Making a group of different sized pumpkins, all the same or a variety of pumpkins, would be quite festive. To pump it up a little, add small gourds and coloured leaves at the base. Try adding coloured bows to the stem of the pumpkins.
Warty Pumpkin and Pie Pumpkin

What’s the Difference?

There are a number of different types of pumpkins to choose from such as Ghost Pumpkins, Cannon Balls and even Warty Pumpkins!
To see a variety of pumpkins that Nicholas found at Downey’s Farm Market, take a look at this video.

About Downey’s Farm Market

Downey’s Farm Market has been serving the community with a smile for more than 25 years. The family owned farm is located on Heart Lake Road, just North of Brampton, Ontario.
It’s the perfect spot to find Ontario fruits and vegetables, homemade preserves, honey, maple syrup and something fresh out of the oven at the in-house bakery.

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