Measuring Your Success At Events

When an event you attend ends, it’s time to reflect, analyze and measure your success. This will help you achieve your goals and perform better at future events. Since we host major events yearly we wanted to share some insider knowledge on measuring success.

It’s important that before the event even begins you have a clear goal of what needs to be achieved at the event. Make sure the goal is clear, concise, and specific. Are you looking to make ‘x’ number of sales? Maybe you want to see how many people you actually engage with. Are you building a e-newsletter database? Are you handing out samples? Maybe you’re doing a demonstration and want to see how many sales/conversations the demonstration leads to.

Next it’s time to think about how you will get stats that you can analyze to see whether you achieved your goal or not. Break down your goal into bits and pieces and think about the best approach of measuring success.

Every point of communication with an attendee is research for you and your business. You might have heard praises about a product/service you sell and you might have also heard critical views. Recording all of this feedback to review at the end of the show will help you determine what you can work on and what you are already doing right.

Having a survey that you send out to people that attended the event will give you vital insights on your performance at the event. If you use something like Survey Monkey you can even get hard stats that might help you sell products/services to prospect clients.

Take a look at if you took advantage of all the marketing opportunities that were available to you at the event. This will help consumers know where you are at the event and what you might be selling before even arriving. You can measure this by reaching out to event staff and learning about opportunities, and receiving analytics on what will happen if you take part in marketing initiatives.

Finally, an event is a great place for networking and developing relationships with potential clients. Make sure that the people you met get a personal touch point from you before they forget about your meeting. Whether it is an email, advertising campaign, or phone call, this touch point could be essential to having more success following the event. Hope these tips helped! Feel free to share how you measure your success in the comment section below!

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