Tree Pot Holder Sewing Project

Gift Giving Idea-Hand Made Pot-Holder

Looking for a gift for that person who has everything? Here’s an easy one to make from Faith Essenburg, Janome Canada Projects, presented by Sewing World.

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate family and friends, eat all the yummy treats and actually get excited about snow! This season flies by and this year I just want to savour every minute, count all my blessings, and take every special moment in. And as a maker, I suppose it goes without saying that I also want to make ALL THE THINGS!!! I dug deep into my creativity and pulled out all the cuteness I could find for this fun, easy Christmas Tree Pot-holder. The link at the end also has a project for a Gingerbread House Pot-holder! I hope you will enjoy making it as gifts for friends or just to add a bit of holiday spirit to your own home.

Skill Level: Beginner

Sewing Time: 2-3 Hours
Finished size: Approx 8”
Janome Supplies Required:
Janome Sewing Machine
Janome Feet A, O, and F
Purple Tip Needle

Fabrics/Notions Required:
-Half yard Insul-Bright
-Batting scrap 8 inch square
-1-2 fat quarters fabric for front and back of gingerbread house
-1 fat quarter fabric for Christmas tree
-Stripe fabric 7.5×7.5
-Assorted scrap fabrics for making yo-yo’s (a yo-yo maker is also helpful)
-Fussy cut fabrics for window, door and hexagons
-Ribbon 12-14 inches long

Supplies Required:
-Marking pen
-Wonder clips
-Turning tool like a chopstick
-Glue stick

To make Christmas Tree Pot-holder:

Print out tree template and cut out tree shape (see link for Additional Project at end). Take two green fabrics 8×10 inches and place together right sides facing, pin to hold in place, using a pen or marker trace the template onto your fabric. Your pen marking will
be your sew line, do not cut on this line! Use a scissors to cut ¼ inch around your sew line. Follow these steps using two sheets of Insul-Bright to cut your lining.

Step 1 to make tree pot holder
With right sides still facing, place green fabric on top of your Insul-Bright to make a sandwich. Fold 6 inches of ribbon in half, place between your two green fabrics with the edges aligned, use clips around edges to hold in place.
Christmas tree pot holder step 2
Use sewing foot O to get that ¼ inch seam and a 2.0 stitch length so your corners will be smooth when turned right side out. Start at bottom of tree just on top of ribbon and sew around tree shape. Leave about 2 inches
for turning at the bottom. Use a scissors to cut little darts into each part that darts in, this will give you smoother edges. Turn right side out using a chopstick to poke out corners. Using a hot iron, press around edge of tree
making sure to flatten the corners and dart areas. Using a 1/8”, top stitch around tree, starting with your opening.
Next make 8 small yo-yo’s, arrange onto your tree and glue into place to hold while sewing.
Christmas tree pot holder step 3
Using sewing foot F, sew a small line into the center of each yo-yo to attach to tree. Trim threads, and your potholder tree is all trimmed! You can also decorate tree using small hexies or pompoms.
Christmas tree pot holder final step

Additional Project:
Gingerbread Pot Holder

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