Home Show
National Home Show: The Big One

March 11-20, 2022
Enercare Centre



Have a seat in our Toilography Feature.

You can seat yourself in our outhouse and do some reading…about the history of the toilet. Learn some unknown facts about the fixture that pretty much all us use daily, but know so little about.

Or you can choose to nestle yourself on what we consider to be a representation of the modern day phone booth. So many of us take our mobile phones to the washroom to sneak a few minutes to catch up on what’s going in other areas of our lives. We decided to showcase this trend.
While here, snap a pic for social media.

The feature is based on Dan Schaumann’s photos. He takes an everyday item and photographs it in its many forms as…art.
He has travelled the world and has taken photos of all kinds of toilets. From graffiti toilets to squat toilets and even toilet gardens, Dan has see them all.

You can see Dan on stage Sat. March 14. Visit the Toilography feature March 13-22.

Photos by Dan Schaumann @toilography.