Tiny Home Village

Don’t let the size fool you! Take a stroll through our Tiny Home Village and see just what you can do with limited living space. Think small space living isn’t for you? Get ready to be surprised just how comfortably you can live in a tiny home. You’ll realize, size really doesn’t matter!

As home prices soar and we trade space for convenience, the TINY movement is causing a BIG stir. Do you like to entertain? Not sure where you’d put all your stuff in a tiny home? See how we’ve organized our tiny homes.

Check out each of the tiny homes provided by Bonneville Homes, True North Tiny Homes and Eva Lanes.

Lüna by Bonneville Homes
Minimalism is the art of living with less, focusing on life’s experiences and it’s exactly how the Lüna was thought. Its highly maximized 800 square feet area allows occupants to enjoy a minimum-maintenance home, giving them more time to enjoy the benefits of life: taking a walk in the open, playing outside, create memorable memories with friends or family … Lüna is nothing less than to enjoy the small pleasures of everyday life!
The beautiful home has been decorated by Heritage Lifestyle Home Furnishings.

The Nest and The Millennial by True North Tiny Homes
Daniel Ott brings us, not one, but two tiny homes to walk through. You will see many differences of each home but, the one thing that remains constant, is the way Daniel uses space to make sure tiny living is comfortable living.

Laneway Living by Eva Lanes
Laneway Suites are self-contained units located on the same lot as a detached house, semi-detached house or townhouse. It’s usually in the rear yard abutting a laneway. They are detached from the main house on the lot which fronts the street and have outdoor access via both the street and the lane. Let Emmanuelle Belliveau show you the options available to you and if laneway living will work for you.

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