Tiny Home Village presented by CAS

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March 11-20, 2022
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Tiny Home Village presented by CAS

As home prices soar and we trade space for convenience, the Tiny Home Village presented by CAS is set to reflect reality in the GTA’s hot real estate market.

With the continued growth of the GTA, the housing supply has been lagging behind. Tie that in with the price tag of homes and you have renters and buyers looking for innovative ways to solve their housing dilemma. This is where tiny homes and micro condos come into play.

Not sure if you can think outside of the box and live in a ‘shoebox’? According to a RE/MAX blog post, shoebox housing, also known as micro condos, are condos that are under 600 sq ft. Think you can live in such a small space?

If you’re entertaining the idea of building or buying a tiny home, here’s some information from the Government of Ontario.

Tiny Home Village
This is your opportunity to see all of the ins and outs of small space living. The Tiny Home Village combines four unique structures to showcase the best and brightest of laneway homes, tiny builds and modular homes.
Each of the tiny homes in the Village, provided by Bonneville Homes, True North Tiny Homes and Eva Lanes, have something a little different to offer. Look carefully at how the space is used and where storage areas are.

Lüna by Bonneville Homes
Minimalism is the art of living with less, focusing on life’s experiences and it’s exactly how the Lüna was thought. Its highly maximized 800 square feet area allows occupants to enjoy a minimum-maintenance home, giving them more time to enjoy the benefits of life: taking a walk in the open, playing outside, create memorable memories with friends or family … Lüna is nothing less than to enjoy the small pleasures of everyday life!
The beautiful home has been decorated by Heritage Lifestyle Home Furnishings.

The Nest and The Millennial by True North Tiny Homes
These two structures will feature some of the trendiest ways to design homes — both for new homeowners and renters, or those that may be downsizing. Designed by Daniel Ott of True North Tiny Homes, these spaces will allow people to fully visualize how they can do anything from simply having closet space to throwing a dinner party in just 200 sq. ft. Secondary to the living features is the mobile office, so those walking through have the ability to imagine the space as a livable home or a beautiful work station.

Laneway Living by Eva Lanes
Laneway Suites are self-contained units located on the same lot as a detached house, semi-detached house or townhouse. It’s usually in the rear yard abutting a laneway. They are detached from the main house on the lot which fronts the street and have outdoor access via both the street and the lane. Emmanuelle Belliveau specializes in all things small spaces and will share some insight into the myths surrounding certain limitations to laneway living, and how to work with what you have without sacrificing on luxurious details.

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