Rooms of the 6ix

Home Show
National Home Show: The Big One

March 11-20, 2022
Enercare Centre


Rooms of the 6ix

Looking to learn how to let your city inspire your décor? Look no further! “Rooms of the 6ix” is four unique spaces inspired by the city of Toronto and its people. At The Big One, see influential city spots like graffiti alley and Union Station come to life in a livable space.

Designed and created by Toronto-based designer of Desta Ostapyk, this homage to the 6ix will celebrate the city we all know and love by incorporating the local culture right into its walls, creating a space so “6ix” it hurts. These proudly 6ix rooms boast product from fellow locals including Caesarstone, Factory Tile Depot, The Good Tile, Anazao, Knotty’s Custom Woodwork, PurParket and more!

Showcasing what’s possible in small spaces and condos, this is an inspirational moment you don’t want to miss at the Home Show!

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