My LivABLE Home: Aging In Place & Accessible Design

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March 8-10 & 13-17, 2024
Enercare Centre


My LivABLE Home: Aging In Place & Accessible Design

Explore the design movement dedicated to extending independent living at home for as long as possible – not just for seniors, but for everybody. No matter what it’s called – Aging in Place, Universal Design, Inclusive Design, Living In Place, Accessible/Adaptable Living or Independent Living – the fundamental goal of this booming design sector is to design or modify one’s home in order to extend independent living. Think about ergonomic sit/stand tables, zero entry showers, grab bars, enhanced lighting, air quality and thoughtful design for enhancing well-being at home. This isn’t about home improvement, it’s about life improvement.

This feature area, led by designer Linda Kafka of Livable Canada, integrates thoughtful design, best practices and improved solutions for homes that reflect ageless functionality, accessibility and wellness.

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