The Natur-Evo Feature Home

Home Show
National Home Show: The Big One

March 11-20, 2022
Enercare Centre


The Natur-Evo Feature Home

Bonneville Homes is proud to present Natur-Evo, the latest addition to the popular Natur Series lineup, at the Home Show, Home Improvement!

Natur-Evo, a Bonneville home, is designed to grow with home buyers. How? Because the layout has been designed so that new modules can be added as needed. That means home buyers can start off with a love nest they want right now, with a cozy, contemporary 1,000-square-foot interior and at a price that fits their budget. Then they have the option to expand later.

The creators of this home have spared no effort in optimizing its form and functionality. The superb open-plan design features a central living space, complete with a dining area and kitchen. The showstopper is an island with bench seating – an original touch that is sure to make your friends green with envy! The ceilings, just shy of 10 feet high, boast beautiful exposed wooden beams extending all the way outside, which only add to the appeal. Plus, the breathtaking full-length windows make for a seamless transition between indoors and out.

This beautiful home has been decorated by Designer Janice Fedak.

About Bonneville Homes
Bonneville Homes is a family owned and operated company that has been creating modular homes for more than 50 years. Based in Beloeil, Quebec the Bonneville family is heavily involved in all aspects of the business, with quality being a top priority. While the models of the homes have changed and evolved with technology over time, one thing that remains constant is the core value that steers Bonneville Homes from day one: treating customers with respect and ensuring they are 100% satisfied.

How long does to take to build a Bonneville home? Take a look at this YouTube video to learn more.
See how a Feature Home is assembled.

About Janice Fedak
Janice is a Designer, Trend Researcher and Speaker. As an active member of the acclaimed Color Marketing Group, Janice shares innovative and inspiring colour and design concepts based on the latest trends and influences that are emerging worldwide. With her genuine enthusiasm, Janice delivers trusted information on the direction of design trends, in a visual journey of ideas that enhance and define!
Janice’s comfortable approach and ability to assess the needs of her clients, along with over 20 years of experience allows her to create impactful and artistic residential, retail, and commercial spaces.
Janice owns and operates her design firm in Toronto, servicing clients within the GTA as well as their vacation homes north of the city and south of the border, and can be seen delivering her presentations and seminars at a variety of special events across North America.