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March 10-19, 2023
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World Toilet Day

Happy World Toilet Day everyone! Late last year I visited Suzhou, China’s 16th most populated city. I spent some time wandering around its charming alleyways and chanced upon some very interesting latrines which weren’t exactly the pinnacle of cleanliness.
Hopefully this video helps highlight in a small way just how different sanitary conditions can be in developing countries compared to the relative luxury faced in the western world. There’s also a little shoutout to the World Toilet Organization at the end of the video who do a wonderful job at spreading the word on the global sanitation crisis. Please learn about and support them in any way you can!

Dan Shaumann, Toilography.

About Dan Schaumann and Toilography
Originally from Townsville, Australia, Dan Schaumann’s unique project Toilography (toilet photography) began as an Instagram joke but has since seen him seek out hundreds of the most interesting restrooms around the world. From 18-karat gold thrones in New York City to bawdy bathrooms in Baltimore; from outback Aussie thunderboxes to Taiwanese toilet-themed restaurants, he’s certainly seen more than his fair share of weird & wonderful WC’s with his adventures featured by the likes of Lonely Planet, Toronto Star, CBC and CTV. When not appreciating loos through the viewfinder, Dan enjoys spending time as a singer/songwriter and as a sound designer for various Toronto community theatre companies.