5 Ways to Build a Stronger Internet Presence

You want to be number one on the internet, we get it. But it is a little more difficult then starting a blog or using a sweet hashtag. It takes time & commitment and we’re here to help! Here’s 5 ways that can help you to build a stronger internet presence. Got additional advice! Let us know, we’re always eager to learn.

This helps if someone is searching for a specific topic and you have used keywords that lead a customer to your site with solutions! If you need help to know what keywords to use, try Google Keyword Planner, or Google Trends.

Knowledge is power my friends, and Google Analytics provides you with insider knowledge on what people are doing on your website. This allows you to take that research and continue to tailor your online content to be exactly what people are looking for.

With the internet there are SO MANY things that you can take advantage of, but seriously, be realistic! If you are a small team it doesn’t make sense to commit to writing a ton of content (social, blogging, various ads) just to have something out there.

Read, listen, and learn! Whether its the news, social media, or friends being on top of the trends can help you to build content that is on point with trends and get more people interested in your company.

Sure that means talking to people, but it helps! Those people also have a presence on the internet and the more you build relationships with others, the more likely they are to promote your business. Sometimes this one won’t cost anything!

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