Why Your Home Needs A Sewing Machine

How can you craft a space that delivers a sense of peace and comfort when you walk in the door? A sewing machine can be just the tool to help you to make your place your own, and you don’t need to be a certified seamstress to succeed. When you start to think about all the objects we interact with on a daily basis it’s easy to see that sewing is something we rely on but don’t necessarily do ourselves. We decided to work with Janome to provide you with reasons for having a sewing machine at home. Janome will be at the GTA Home & Reno Show (Feb. 16 – 19, 2018) at booth 1328. Stop by, say hi, and get all your sewing questions answered!

Feathering Your Custom-Crafted Nest

Today’s sewing machines are easier to use and more versatile than ever, and there are now endless online resources (like Sew4Home or Craftsy) and in-print resources to help you along your maker journey. When you have a sewing machine, you have both a functional and creative appliance to assist with anything from simple mending or hemming to full blown designer endeavors. In today’s global economy, we no longer need to sew out of necessity. Fashion and home décor items are affordably available in abundance. But what about the unique, personal touches that can’t really be found on store shelves? This is where a little bit of sewing can turn your everyday space into a stylish reflection of your personality. A great place to start collecting your inspiration is on Pinterest, where many of your favorite projects will link to tutorials. Then, grab your sewing machine and start to change your space.

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The easiest way to start sewing is by embellishing readymade goods. Decorative fabrics can be cut into letter shapes and stitched onto plain toss cushions for a touch of monogramming. Ruffles and ribbons can be stitched to store-bought draperies, and if they are a touch too long, a simple hem stitch can adjust them to size. Tea towels can become placemats; sheets can be turned into duvet covers. You only need a straight stitch to do any of these projects and once you get more comfortable, you can experiment with other stitches and accessory feet on your machine.

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The contentment you will feel from living in a space made just for you is just part of the happiness that sewing delivers. You will also experience the satisfaction of rising to a challenge and learning a new skill. With your machine, you can make bland, everyday items into exceptional conversation pieces. Sewing makes you more resourceful, but it is also a great stress reliever. Sewing is one way to answer the call to work with your hands and create from trendy new fabrics or up-cycled treasures.

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Investing in a quality machine does not have to cost a lot and can make the difference between developing a love for sewing or tossing an instrument of frustration into the trash heap. Having a good selection of stitches and accessory feet, along with being able to adjust stitch length and width will give you more options as your skills develop. More advanced models can also offer more features, like automatic thread trimming, more space to sew, or programmed machine embroidery.

Having a sewing machine in your DIY toolkit will give you unlimited options for personalizing not only your home but also the clothes you wear or the gifts that you give. Sewing can be as simple or complex as you desire, but one thing is certain: a sewing machine has the power to bring more of your ideas to life than any other appliance you bring home. Can a toaster do that?

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Janome has been building easy to use sewing machines of unrivaled quality for 95 years. We make machines suitable for fashion, quilting and home sewing. As market–leaders in robotics and machine embroidery, we were the first manufacturer to offer WiFi™ ready machines as well as a full suite of Apps to make the most of your sewing pleasure. Visit Janome.com or janomelife.wordpress.com to learn more.
Teresa Locicero and the staff of Sewing World have been serving Toronto for three generations. Sewing World has been voted Best Sewing Store in GTA for 10 years running. Teresa is a regular exhibitor at the Home Show and can help you to find the perfect sewing machine for your needs and budget. Get to know us at sewingmachine.ca

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