What is IOT and why should you care

Internet of Things
It’s not too complicated right? If you have anything that connects to the internet then you’re already floating off in the distance on the IOT boat! Nowadays it’s difficult to find things that don’t connect to the internet, and it’s not just limited to your phone or computer anymore. Objects like locks, blinds, fans, and much more that you normally wouldn’t find in the tech department of the store are making the move to get connected.

It’s easy to get skeptical because this might be a new topic but with IOT not going anywhere we suggest reading this article as a starting point.

Did you check out the Best Buy Smart Home at the National Home Show? There were some really great connected devices being demonstrated right inside the booth to give you an idea of how to add tech to your home! See there listed products available here.



Saves Energy
Connected devices are labelled “smart” because they can monitor your usage of everything. If you have a smart thermostat connected it can lower temperatures based on when there is no activity in a room. Smart washing machines can monitor when electricity rates are the lowest to run your wash. Connected lights allow you to set timers from your phone as to when lights should be on and off.

A lot of the time these devices adjust your day to day life ever so slightly that you won’t even notice there is a change. The biggest change will be the reduced energy bill you have to pay.

It's Convenient
Being connected means everything will be linked with an app that can be used on a phone/tablet/computer which makes controlling these devices a breeze! Forgot to turn the lights out when you left the house? No problem! Check the app, it will turn them off for you! Need to let someone into your house but can’t get home in time to let them in? Use your smart lock to open it on your phone. The technology and app’s associated with the Internet of Things will only improve, so now is the time to get connected or at least learn about getting connected!

The Future
We’re still in an age where not everything and everyone is connected. There is a major shift happening, the idea of smart devices is fairly new and quickly developing. Within months you can expect to see some incredible changes. Right now the term “smart home” is huge, but we think it could work its way to expand to “smart city”.

Here are a couple smart devices we’ve found that we think paint a picture of what the future holds:

Tapplock – Using your fingerprint you can lock and unlock this smart lock. It is also connected to an app that allows you to control when the lock should be open from a different location.

Lumo Play – A great toy for kids! A projector that projects games and activities onto the floor. Create your own games, or play games available on the device.

YouLoox – Holographic Technologies – Imagine a world with augmented reality without having to wear the tacky headset. That’s what this is trying to do! Support them on kickstarter to help the future of virtual reality.

Phree – Writing could replace typing with this special pen. It allows you to write on any surface and whichever device it is connected to will record it. The computer you are working on will recognize this and an image will appear.

Solar Paper – Allows you to recharge your phone with a tiny solar panel. We see the future holding more green energy products like this one that combine new tech and green energy.

Speed X – Smart bike, have your bike connected! You’ll be able to train better and understand how long it takes for you to travel certain distances.

Jibo – Personalized computers that will help out with daily tasks/reminders. Watch the video on their website to understand the product better!

Touchjet Pond – Allows you to turn any surface into a touchscreen surface. We think the future could hold a lot more touch screen technology.


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