Up-Cycle Newspaper Gift Wrapping DIY


We’re always looking over at that heap of newspapers tucked away in the corner of the living room wondering why are there so many, what can be done to make them more useful. Now we have a solution. Free wrapping paper! It’s perfect, pick a favourite newspaper or magazine, and get creative! We have included 3 DIY’s for our three favourite newspaper bows!

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What you need:

  • Old Newspapers
  • Old Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Things to wrap!

Bow1Title Bow1

  1. You need one piece of a magazine or newspaper, cut into strips of various lengths with a similar width. We used 6 strips, you can use more or less!
  2. Take one strip of paper, take the end of each strip and tape it to the centre of the strip to create two loops on each end.
  3. Create a number of loops with each strip.
  4. Place one loop on the bottom, angle the second loop and tape it to the loop below. Continue doing this until the full loop is made.
  5. Add to a wrapped gift, and you’re ready to go!

BowTwoTitle Bow2

  1. Cut piece of newspaper or magazine into strips.
  2. Using one strip of paper, take each end of the paper and tape it to the centre of the paper. Continue this four times.
  3. Take all the loops and stack them together.
  4. Fold all the loops together and tape the bottom to finish off the bow. Now it’s ready to be placed on top of a parcel!

Bow3Title Bow3

  1. To create these cute bow ties it’s simple! Start by cutting a small square of newspaper or magazine.
  2. Fold small creases back and forth until you have an accordion looking creased piece of paper.
  3. Pinch the paper in the centre of the folds and tape.
  4. Cut a small piece of paper to hide the tape. Wrap around and use a tiny piece of tape.
  5. Dress up every gift with a cute bow tie! You can always use more than one too.

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