Toronto Home Shows Goes Shopping!

Toronto Home Shows Goes Shopping!

When you’re making a list and checking it twice to make sure you’re getting it right with help from the home show elves! It’s been a tiring task for the elves. It’s not easy finding the perfect something for everyone from tech enthusiasts to book lovers. Thanks to Tina who volunteered to be a helper elf for the day and assisted us in discovering favourite finds for all.

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With a hop and a skip the elves headed South to discover beautiful displays at Sandhill Nurseries. Year in and year out on the 25th of December folks put up wreaths, garland, lights, and bows all to be taken down on the eve that follows. For us home show elves we love to decorate but only when leading up to the holidays. If there’s a way to leave our fixings up all year our days are filled with more laughter and fun. This is what inspired us elves to create this gift guide for you. These gift ideas are neutral for any decor guru to decorate once in November and not have to worry about changing it until spring.

Decor Guru

After “oohhing” and “ahhhing” at the beautiful decor the elves thought it was time to move on. Off to the shop that keeps them on track with loads and loads of tech, Best Buy! Cheerfully trotting down all the aisles the elves were left in shock, finding shiny watches and thermostats that did so much more than just the basics. The elves pulled together this gift guide for the ones that are always aware of what’s new in technology.

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A flick of the wrist and the watch shows the time, the elves are ready to go! Heading out East searching for gifts that will please any handy person “Where should we go?” one elf shouted “Dasher, Dancer to Lowes we go!” Off they went grinning from ear to ear singing holiday music all in tune. Once discovering the storefront the elves stepped inside to discover what they had been missing. All the equipment that’s needed to build any gift on anyone’s list. Lowe’s had everything from trees to tinsel to help out the DIYer, with this gift guide you’ll be sure to not leave empty handed.


The home show elves were starting to slow with hungry bellies in tow. Off to the home of the friendly elf who loves to serve tea and biscuits. “We mustn’t just show up empty handed!” one elf shouted, so the elves opened their book full of inspiration and found the perfect gift guide. One for the host or hostess that loves to give and doesn’t always receive. The gifts were so perfect the elves were impressed and happy to pick one for their host!


After a snack the elves retreated back to the car stuffed with gifts, and ready to find gifts for the gardener. It may be slower come wintertime but the gardener is always quite active. Thinking about crop rotation for the following season and what to do to have a high yield. The elves rushed off to the splendid place that we know of as Humber Nurseries to create a gift guide full of ideas for anyone wanting to buy something other than flowers for the gardener.


“Times running out!” Yelled the elf in the back who was stuffed in among gifts, daydreaming of what is to come. A mug of hot cocoa nearby a fire with no shopping left to be done! The fantasy is missing one thing indeed and that is some form of entertainment, “A book, a book!” chanted the elves, and off to the bookstore they flew. With shelves upon shelves full of marvelous books the elves had to make some tough choices. Up and down aisles they selected the finest binded books they could possibly find to fill this beautiful gift guide.


The day finally ended with big grins and hugs! The home show elves have done it again! They went around town to select the finest goods to be purchased by all of their friends. Happily now the elves wish you the happiest holiday possible. Help the home show elves succeed in this gift giving journey and share your ideas with us!
Happy Holiday Shopping

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