Spring into Action


Spring has finally sprung and, with it, comes the opportunity to be inspired by warmer climates.  Yup, it’s time, say Colin and Justin, to take your home out of the dark and point it triumphantly towards a brighter future.


Taking inspiration from the cottage, one of the most sacred elements of the warmer Canadian months, we’re going to show you how to install cabin style at home.  So – if you’re in the country and want to clean up your abode, or if you’re in the city and simply want to add the feel of warmer days to your beloved metropolitan home, follow our guide and the call of the loons could be just around the corner…


Lighten up

A fresh coat of paint will give any room an instant lift.  For spring, choose paler shades, off whites and neutral tones. It’s not rocket science: a lighter backdrop will brighten heavy furniture, meaning your favourite darker pieces will ‘spring’ forward, thereby appearing clearly defined.


Free Up Windows

Take down heavy, solid drapes and pack them away.  Embrace lighter, longer days with clear windows that are free of obstructions.  Use bold patterned curtains to add decorative flair without being too heavy, and employ a simple roller blind to keep windows clutter free.


Balance Plain & Patterned Elements

Cottage style, whether literally at the cottage, in the city or even tucked into the ‘burbs, is all about balance.  This in mind, and to achieve best results, pair decorated cushions with plain toss pillows to add as much – or as little – pattern as required.  Using accessories to seasonally adjust works best if you have a permanent neutral backdrop such as the one you see here.  When we designed this space, as featured during Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure, we deliberately kept things low key so it could be ‘tweaked’ whenever a change of mood was deemed necessary. Simply changing toss pillows and throws to a more dramatic colour palette easily delivers a totally different feel when mood – and climate – changes.


Less Is More

Just as you kick off your boots and peel back your layers, so too should your rooms follow suit.  That means it’s bye bye to piles of throws and fluffy rugs and hello to pared back linen, low pile floor rugs and cool, clean cotton.  Simple, huh?


Make Order a Feature

Be creative with storage solutions and use vintage style timber baskets to clear up clutter and add a welcome spot of springtime cottage style into the decorative bargain.


Bring The Outside In

Bring nature indoors with botanical artworks, vases of flowers, floral print fabrics or potted plants.  Adding a springtime natural element will enhance mood and proffer some home happiness and escapism – essential for Spring!


Spring Clean

Start at the top and work your way down, leaving no stone unturned.  A jolly good spring clean will make a huge difference, so, to free up space, get rid of broken items, things you don’t love and any duplicated items.  Clean windows to get them ready for summer and collect smaller, dust gathering items in fancy boxes to keep surfaces clear.


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