Simple Shadow Box DIY

Take a look around your workspace and living space. Are your walls missing a little something? Does it need a focal point or some personality? Instead of running out and trying to find something you think might work in the space, take a look at this quick DIY project. Designer Desta Ostapyk, who you know as the Assistant Designer from Love It Or List It, was at the GTA Home & Reno Show in February demonstrating her simple shelf/shadow box project that you can do in no time flat.

DIY Triangle Shadowbox/Shelf


• Mitre Box & Saw
• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Nail Gun
• 1”x4”x14”of Pine
• Wood Glue
• Wood Filler
• Small Piece of Sandpaper
• Clear spay on Varathane
• Safety Glasses
• Mask

Step 1

Put your safety glasses on first!
Measure out a piece of wood at 14” long, with the mitre box and saw cut one end at a 33 degree angle, then flip the piece and cut the other side also at 33 degrees so the ends are angled in the opposite direction of each other. Do the same for 2 more pieces of wood. You will need a total of 3 pieces to create your triangle.

Step 2

Dry fit your triangle to make sure the ends meet properly. If things look good then using your wood glue, glue the mitred ends together. Using your nail gun also nail the ends to secure.

Step 3

Fill in your nail holes with the wood filler. Let dry. Once dry lightly sand the holes and anywhere else that needs to be smoothed out.

Step 4

With your mask on and in a well ventilated area, lightly spray your shelf with clear varathane. Let dry for the recommended time stated on the can.

Step 5

Hang and style your cool triangle shelf.

About Desta Ostapyk:

As a Toronto based Designer I have been fortunate to focus my design career in the film and television industry. Most known for my role as Lead Designer off camera/ “Assistant Designer” on camera for the television series “Love It or List It” Toronto. I was privileged to have worked on over 100 episodes. I was successful in bringing diverse knowledge of design, set decorating styles and techniques to the show to make each episode unique yet cohesive.

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