Ready… set … Bake! EGG-cellent Easter Cakes

I’m not sure about you but the last couple of years the baking buzz seems to be sending me into the kitchen to reunite myself with baking and improving my baking skills. Thanks to the great British TV series like the Great British Bake Off and add a dash of Pinterest and a slice of Instagram, there are so many baking ideas and inspirations to help bring back your baking groove.

To help you get in the Easter Baking Spirit here are 5 egg-cellent Easter Cake ideas and recipes. From festive and chocolate, to fruity and pretty, these delicious cakes will satisfy any spring sweet tooth.

Find recipe, video, & more photos here: Taming Twins
The Pinata Cake is a Candy-Filled Cake and what better way to celebrate Easter than to fill it with Mini Eggs. Ombré cakes are colorful cakes where the colors used are graduated. Create an eye-catching, mouthwatering cake with your own ombre buttercream frosting that takes your favorite colours or shades from light to dark.

With great tips, video and recipe for The Easter Ombre Pinata Cake visit Taming Twins

Find recipe & more photos here: Constellation Inspiration
The Naked Cake, a cake trend for unfrosted, edges exposed and delicious flavors inside.
Bakers these days are holding back frosting from cakes for an exposed look that is popular with those looking for a traditional cake alternative. Is this frosting-free look right for you? This beautiful naked cake will surely convince you.

Shake up the dessert table this Easter with these beautiful spring inspired flavors from white chocolate and rosewater to pistachios. For Amy’s love of making naked cakes and the easy to follow recipe visit Constellation Inspiration.

Find recipe, photos & video here: Baking Martha
I love a good bit of British TV, but enjoy The Great British Bake Off TV Series. This Mini Egg cake with white chocolate buttercream is a creation from Martha Collison who was the youngest contestant of the TV show at only 17 years old.

For the love of cake and the colourful decorations make for a beautiful centerpiece for any Easter table

Watch Martha Collison from The Great British Bake Off make this pretty mini egg cake with white chocolate buttercream, with video and recipe . For more delicious baking recipes and to see more of her love of baking see Martha Collison at

Recipe & photo from here: Mary Berry, BBC Food
What better way to celebrate Easter with this lovely pavlova from Mary Berry (another popular face of The Great British Bake Off). Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It’s crisp on the outside with marshmallowy goodness on the inside, usually high with fluffy cream and topped with lots of fruit.

With a zest for spring with it’s lemon curd topping with mini mounds of meringue and chocolate eggs what’s not to love.

Meringue can make some bakers nervous. Make sure your equipment is dry before you start. Moisture stops egg white aerating, so it may not increase in volume at all. Don’t use a plastic bowl as it retains moisture. Egg tips, Bring eggs to room temperature before separating – set aside for at least 20 minutes after removing from the fridge. Cold egg white takes longer to beat, so it doesn’t incorporate as much air, which is what makes meringue light and fluffy.

Recipe & photo from here: Chef Tamsin Burnett-Hall, Photographer Tara Fisher, Sainsbury
If you just pretty and a simple white cake with a sprinkle of spring then the White Cloud Cake is a perfect easy recipe infused with spring.

You can customize the cake and for a spring fling decorate with edible flowers. Chefs and cake decorators are using edible flowers to enhance their cakes with colour and texture. Before using flowers in a recipe, it’s important to make sure they’re an edible variety.

If time is not on your side with a busy Easter schedule the cake can also be made in advance, a day ahead and frozen.

Sometimes you just need cake!
I believe baking can be fun and of course a reason to celebrate! I think it’s an egg-cellent time at Easter to head to the Kitchen and Bake a Cake! Enjoy!

Feel free to share your favourite Easter cake recipe.

Happy Baking

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