Pumpkin Parcel DIY

With Halloween right around the corner we are getting crafty at the Toronto Home Shows DIY headquarters and excited to share with you our latest project! Tiny pumpkin parcels perfect for entertaining on Halloween. They are chic, easy to make, and the perfect addition to a dinner table, family affair, or school party. You can choose which treats go inside too! We wish you the happiest of Halloween’s and hope this inspires you. Feel free to share your Halloween ideas with us on Pinterest, we’ve been busy pinning for the season!


What you need

  • orange tissue paper
  • small – medium plate (depends on how big you want your parcels, we used a plate that was approx. 25cm in diameter)
  • pencil to trace circles
  • scissors to cut circles
  • candy! (we used our favourite assorted candies we bought at a bulk candy shop)
  • green painters tape
  • florist green wire (optional)


  1. Start by folding the orange tissue paper into a 1/4 of the size.
  2. Using the plate and pencil, trace a circle onto the tissue paper.
  3. Remove the plate and cut circles out with scissors.
  4. Use 2 – 3 tissue circles to create parcel. Place these on a flat surface.
  5. Layer some candy on the circles. You might have to test out how much candy can fit, we were able to fit about 15 small pieces.
  6. Gently grasp under the tissue and pull together the top edges to twist. The twist will become the pumpkin stem.
  7. To create the stem use a piece of green painters tape to wrap the top.
  8. If you want to add more cuteness cut a small piece of florist green wire to create a pumpkin vine. The reason we say this is optional is if the parcel’s are for kids. The wire can be sharp.

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