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Landscaping Increases Your Home’s ROI: Carson Arthur

You’ve done it before and have probably done it recently…thought about selling your home. Then you put it on the back burner after you think about all of the renovations that have to take place because after all, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes right? Well, international landscape designer, author and TV personality Carson Arthur says, if you’re thinking about putting money into renovating, work from the outside in. According to Carson,”Landscaping can improve a home’s value. In fact, all of the studies into ROI (Return On Investment), put outdoor renovations ahead of kitchens and baths when it comes to resale value.”
Wait a second. Renovate the outdoors before the indoors? If this has you a little perplexed well, we were too. That’s why we asked Carson to elaborate and share with us his top three spots where you should lay down landscaping dollars to increase your home’s ROI. This is what he had to say:

1. Curb Appeal Reigns Supreme

Curb Appeal Reigns Supreme
Carson Arthur: You only get one chance to make a first impression and your front yard does just that. We also now know that over 50 per cent of decisions to buy a home are made in the car parked out front.

2. Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living
CA: Useable spaces like decks and patios are so important in markets that have elevated prices. Buyers can’t afford all of the indoor square footage with the raised prices, so they are having to settle for smaller homes. Having outdoor living spaces give a 2 to 3 season option that buyers are jumping on to meet their families’ needs.

3. Light It Up

Light It Up
CA: Outdoor lighting in the front yard can make a huge difference. Buyers drive by homes after work! Make your home stand out by highlighting it’s best features with directional lighting.

Are you planning on putting landscaping ahead of a kitchen or bathroom reno in an effort to increase ROI? We’d like to know.

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