How to keep your home sensational at a low cost

Like fashion trends in clothing, the latest décor trends are a great way to liven up and personalize a home. Be aware, however, that while adding a selection of seasonal trends can be a great way to update a space, it can also be the fastest way to date it as well – not to mention create a hefty dent in your wallet.

Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander of Peloso Alexander Interiors says they have seen their share of trends come and go, and knows firsthand that just a little colour and even the tiniest of budgets can go a long way.

“Every season we see homeowners looking for what’s new and hot in reno ideas. Everything from how to open up a space to new flooring materials, as well as the hottest paint colour and eco-friendly products,” they point out.

Peloso and Alexander recommend home shows like the GTA Home + Reno Show because they offer a one-stop solution for homeowners looking to refresh their space. “What we love most about the GTA Home + Reno Show is that attendees soon realize by visiting the exhibitors and asking those experts a few questions, they can make big changes on a small budget.”

Here are some tried and tested tips to freshen up a space without breaking the bank:

Define the space

A room’s purpose drives every‎thing (i.e. a cozy guest room or a living room that sparks conversation). Defining the room’s main purpose will help to set the parameters for the design and help to determine budget.

Be selective about which pieces to invest in

The couch, or a dining table and chairs, are important for anchoring the room. Invest in the larger staple items by selecting quality pieces in a neutral palette. The rest of the room can then be planned around these essentials.

Don’t be afraid of colour

An inexpensive way to give any space a major overhaul is to paint or wallpaper one feature wall. Add an extra pop by introducing accent colours in accessories such as pillows, or vases in seasonal shades to personalize a space.

Accessorize galore

Accessories are a fantastic way to add character into a space at a low cost. Colourful throw pillows, vases, and lamps, for example, add a refreshing new style without a long term commitment. They can also be easily switched up each season.

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