How To Create A Picture Perfect Gallery Wall

You’ve seen them on TV shows and even your nosey neighbour has one! How do you go about creating one of your own? We asked designer Desta Ostapyk to help us make a gallery wall with as little stress as possible. In only 5 simple steps, you too can enjoy the beauty a gallery wall has to offer.

Step 1

Ditch the measuring tape. Don’t stress about making everything on your wall perfect! In fact, use mismatched frames, different sized photos and paintings. Mix and match until it looks right to you and play with the layout on the floor until you’re happy with the balance. Take a picture and apply your finished layout to the wall.

Step 2

Mix it up. While photos are usually the main focus of a gallery wall, adding other wall accessories like mirrors, wall hangings and metal objects like arrows or other fun shapes or 3D wall objects will add necessary space, texture and breaks to your gallery wall, ultimately making your photos stand out more.

Step 3

Choose complementary colours and finishes for your picture frames and mats to make your photos stand out. If you choose to include lots of multi-coloured photos, clear frames separate your pictures and also helps the eye focus on each individual one.

Step 4

Gallery walls are not restricted to living rooms! If you’re stumped on how to fill any wall in your house – whether it’s in the kitchen, stairway, bathroom or even a bedroom – gallery walls with personalized photos can spruce it up.

Step 5

Your home should reflect who you are, and so should your gallery wall! Using your own photos to make gorgeous pieces of wall art, your wall becomes a daily reminder to make you smile and when you have guests over it will spark conversation as your guests inquire about the stories & memories behind each photo.

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About Desta Ostapyk:

As a Toronto based Designer I have been fortunate to focus my design career in the film and television industry. Most known for my role as Lead Designer off camera/ “Assistant Designer” on camera for the television series “Love It or List It” Toronto. I was privileged to have worked on over 100 episodes. I was successful in bringing diverse knowledge of design, set decorating styles and techniques to the show to make each episode unique yet cohesive.

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