Hidden Gems For Small Spaces

If you have a modest home or you are a condo dweller, it can be difficult to find special pieces that are stylish and fit into finite spaces. Don’t be discouraged. There are some hidden gems out there. Here are a few ideas for small space living that I found while strolling through the many aisles of the National Home Show this year.

Space Saving Wall Bed

An innovative space saving solution for the bedroom or even a guest room is a wall bed.
Helping you gain space with style, a wall bed can improve your lifestyle whether you live in a suburban home, downtown upscale loft or are just trying to figure out where to put a home office in a not-very-big-house or condo. As an added bonus this wall bed from Hiddenbed Factory comes with a sofa and a bed all in one. Perfect for your guests and includes built in beverage refrigeration.

Wall Bed

Big Style For A Small Space

Big impact, little space! Hello wine storage with the Silhouette Renoir from TA Appliances.
At under 10” deep it can be mounted to a wall with minimal impact to the space of the room.
Pocket doors discreetly mounted in the side walls allow easy removal of an individual bottle of wine without disturbing its neighbors. Energy efficient LED lighting with three settings or motion activation, illuminates the cabin as people approach them and turns off automatically. Powered by Zeronext technology, this system produces less than half the noise of a typical wine cooler, plus the triple pane low E glass protects your wine collection.

Wine Fridge

Multi-Functional Ottoman

The ottoman has come a long way, and in today’s décor, it can be used as storage, extra seating, and a coffee table! From small ones to oversized ones, ottomans are the hidden gems that may be missing from your space. A true focal point in a room is the Champagne Brass Nesting Leather Ottoman from Casalife Furniture. Also available in brushed nickel and covering available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Faux fur is everywhere this season, and if you’re like the many of us who are jumping on board, it can be a perfect complement to any space adding texture and glamour to any room.


Petite Planters

These fun, trendy, stylish and simple mini concrete planters (available in various sizes) are perfect for air plants and succulents. Modern and simple design. Made by Homebody Collective, the small scale home decor and plant gear are created to help bring out the beauty of plant life and coloured to create beautiful marble effects.

Mini Planter

Dress Up Your Space

A dressing table can be an integral aspect of any bedroom furniture. Perfect for small spaces and a welcome addition to any space is a compact dressing table. A perfect solution is The Vanico Duo Dressing Table with Bench from Canaroma Bath and Tile. The compact dressing table is 7 1/2″ deep when closed. It can fit easily in a small bathroom, bedroom or walk-in closet. The vertical interior lighting switches on when the doors are opened and it’s designed for optimum light diffusion on the face. Bonus is additional storage in the bench.

Dressing Table

Space Saver

One of the revelations of living in a small home or condo is that choosing less square footage doesn’t mean you necessarily have to make do with less, just that you need to be super smart about how you utilize the storage available to you. Perfect for any small space or condo is the flat watering can found at Toronto Botanical Gardens. The flat watering can lies flat when not filled with water, perfect to fit and slide in to any cupboard.

Watering Can

Slow Cooking

Enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals even with a busy schedule thanks to this easy-to-use small Chefman slow cooker from Kitchen Stuff Plus. With its 1 1/2 quart capacity, the unit works great for cooking up small batches of soup, casseroles, warm dips, sauces, and more. Ideal for 2+ people and those with limited storage.

Slow Cooker

Hey Google

Small, simple and powerful. Say, ‘hello’, to the Google Home Mini, the mini version of the Google Home. Get real-time answers from the Google Assistant at Best Buy. Control compatible smart home devices. Get hands-free help to set alarms, start times and more.


Indoor Garden

If you live in an urban area or live in a condo, tending a garden might not be an option. But if you want to grow your own herbs and vegetables, you can with the Smart Garden by Click and Grow10 which was featured at the Best Buy Smart Home presented by Google Home at the 2018 National Home Show. The Smart Garden allows you to grow a wide assortment of herbs and veggies indoors year-round, with or without natural sunlight.

Fresh is Best

Adding cut flowers in vases is the quickest and easiest way to add life to any room. So I picked up some fresh florals from Pick Ontario, part of Canada Blooms, to add a touch of colour to my home.

Fresh Flowers

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