GTA ReStore Fab Find: 2018 Upcycle Challenge

I am SO excited to be a part of this year’s Upcycle Challenge at the Toronto Fall Home Show in support of Habitat for Humanity GTA.
For the past few years the Toronto Fall Home Show has invited decor and DIY experts to participate in the challenge to support this great cause. The winner is selected by you, via online voting. All entries are then displayed at the show which runs Sept. 28-30 at the Enercare Centre in Exhibition Place where they are available to be purchased. Proceeds go directly to supporting Habitat for Humanity GTA and the GTA ReStores.
This year’s challenge theme is “Entryway Envy”.
Well, my perfect piece has made it’s way to my shop and I am getting ready to refinish it… Wanna see what I found?!?!? I found the most incredible, PERFECT entryway piece that is in seriously rough shape, but I plan on making it amazing again. Is this not the COOLEST piece ever?!?!?!

It’s definitely hand-made and has seen a lot of love!! I have no idea what it was used for. There are no hooks or even holes from old hooks, so maybe it was a bookshelf? I enjoy the mystery of its story and can’t wait to bring it back to life!!

I found so many amazing pieces at the GTA ReStore, it was hard to settle on just one!!
Now that I have revealed to the world the fabulous piece I found for the Upcycle Challenge, I have to decide what I am going to do with it!!
We all know how entryways can get very messy… especially with kiddos.
Many people don’t have a closet right when you walk into the house. Boots, backpacks, hats, mitts, jackets, umbrellas can be found randomly thrown about. With this in mind, storage is the main priority for this piece.
I want to turn this oddball piece into something that is functional with tons of storage while being trendy and beautiful. This piece has seen better days, but I see its potential and can’t wait to get started on it!!

While I was at the GTA ReStore, I spotted this wall and took a pic of it because it was so inspiring. I’m going to try to incorporate this look some how into the piece.

Be sure to stop by the Toronto Fall Home Show and see what I end up doing with this fab find!!

Cait Geddes is owner of House & Canvas, an online shop with retail locations in Burlington, Ontario. House & Canvas is always filled with the latest home decor trends from throw pillows to mirrors and wall art to vases.

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